Paul Trimmer – Membership

I’m Paul Trimmer, responsible for managing membership records (and the website) as well as working with our Administrator in organising recruitment events.

I have been a member of a trade union since 2002 – in Unison and then UCU – and a member of the Warwick UCU Committee since 2012.  I believe that Unions are an essential part of  working life and provide positives for members and other employees, as well as for the institution that recognises them.  Without Unions we would not have vacation and sick pay, parental leave, representation in the workplace, decent pensions, a protective health and safety culture – and so many of the myriad benefits we take for granted.  Without Unions, these will not exist in the future.

In my day job I currently work within IT Services as part of the Academic Technology team supporting Moodle, Mahara and other teaching and learning support tools.  I am also an elected assembly member of the Senate (2018 – 2021) and undertake to represent the views of all staff members but particularly those on grades 1 to 5  (like myself) who are otherwise unrepresented at this level.

I’m a parent of two small children and well aware of the  pressures on people during this extended and unnecessary period of austerity, the ever diminishing value of our salaries, the difficulties in accessing flexible working, concerns about the future, and how the hostile environment is adversely affecting many friends and colleagues.  I stand with you all.