The Committee is formed from the Officers of the Branch and members who are involved as local representatives or in dealing with personal cases. Departmental representatives and caseworkers are normally invited to the committee meetings.

There are spaces on the committee, and we have the facility to co-opt additional members throughout the year. If you are interested in taking on a committee role please contact our administrator Mandeep Kundra at

Co-Chairs Tara Mulqueen / Claire Daffern
Law / WMS
Assistant Secretary (Casework Co-ordinator) Dr Clare Rowan



Treasurer Paul Trimmer
Assistant Secretary (Equality & Diversity) Gabrielle Lynch

Politics and International Studies (PAIS)
Assistant Secretary (Membership) Gavin Schwartz-Leeper

Liberal Arts
Assistant Secretary (Anti-Casualisation) Alex Baker / Javier Moreno-Zacares

Chemistry / PAIS
Assisant Secretary (Health & Safety) Nicola Rogers

Assistant Secretary  (Environment) Nick Lawrence

English & Comparative Literary Studies
Assistant Secretary  (Disabilities) Charlotte Heath-Kelly

Politics and International Studies (PAIS)
Assistant Secretary  (Pensions) Vacant
Assistant Secretary  (Professional Services) Caroline Proctor

Assistant Secretary (Departmental Contacts) Ninna Makrinov

Careers & Skills
Assistant Secretary (Communications) Natalya Din-Kariuki

English & Comparative Literary Studies
Ex-Officio Members
Immediate Past President Justine Mercer

Centre for Education Studies
Administrator Mandeep Kundra

WA1.12, Avon Building, Westwood Campus

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