Personal Cases

Warwick UCU routinely helps members with individual problems arising from their employment by the University of Warwick. These include, for example, potential disciplinary action, renewal of fixed term contracts, pensions, promotion and career development, study leave, research facilities, and harassment.

If you are being disciplined, or taking a grievance against another member of staff, you have a legal right to be accompanied by a union representative.

Warwick UCU has a team of trained personal caseworkers. These are volunteer members who have been trained to provide support, advice and representation on employment related difficulties. If you would like to speak (in confidence) to a caseworker, please email our Administrator or Casework Coordinator in the first instance, and they will find out who is available and put you in touch with them

Recourse complements the work of the union, offering members free information and advice, 24-hour telephone counselling, online coaching and financial assistance.


Warwick UCU is only able to offer advice and support to paid-up members. Furthermore, under the terms of the legal aid scheme (further information), legal advice can only be given to members in respect of circumstances which have commenced during their membership.

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