Solidarity Fund Donations

Donate to the local Solidarity Fund

Warwick UCU has a local solidarity fund to support members taking industrial action. The branch has donated funds to this but we are also seeking donations from members and non-members.

We are particularly directing this appeal for donations to our members who are either on leave or who are otherwise not expected to be part of the action [and to any members who feel they have no option but to attend certain meetings and events – please claim your salary for these so as not to give the University more free labour!] and to staff members at Warwick who, whilst they have not joined UCU, support our actions on their behalf.

In addition, we welcome donations from members of the public and other organisations who believe as we do that industrial action and the fight to protect pensions, eliminate precarity and pay a fair wage to all is essential.

The local solidarity fund is designed to complement the provision from the National Fighting Fund, and where possible to fill in any potential “gaps”. It will prioritise members on hourly paid and other precarious contracts, and support people who would be left financially vulnerable after deductions.

Donations can be received by bank transfer or cheque.

For bank transfer the account details are:
UCU Warwick
60 83 01

 Please quote the reference: “Solidarity Fund”

It would be helpful to also send remittance advice to  confirming the amount and the name of the donor(s) so we can have a record.

All donations are recorded for auditing purposes and held in a separate account that is used only for hardship fund requests.

Donate to the National fighting fund.  Please support your colleagues.

UCU uses its central fighting fund to support members involved in disputes, including the provision of strike pay where appropriate.

How to donate:

Go to:

Account name: UCU Fighting Fund
Sort code: 60-83-01
Account no: 20179432
Reference: ‘Fighting Fund Voluntary Levy’

Thank you to everyone who is able to donate.  This is extraordinarily important in enabling staff and workers on lower incomes to take part in the industrial action – without this some would be at risk of substantial financial hardship.

Warwick UCU Strike Committee



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