Save Our Statute

Statute 24 Update



97% of the assembly voted against the reforms and eight Warwick departments have passed departmental motions in protest.

Read them below and make your own judgement.

In April, we gave the Provost and the Director of People (formerly HR) the UCU alternative model statute. We would like to take this forward with a view to achieving a reform that stands the test of time and makes all of us proud to work at a world-leading university.

Economics Department Letter to VC re Statute 24

Law School Letter to VC re Statute 24, and Law School Motion and Supporting Paper

Centre for Applied Linguistics Departmental Motion 

Centre for Education Studies Departmental Motion

History Departmental Motion

History of Art Departmental Motion

English Departmental Motion

Institute for Employment Research Departmental Motion

UCU has submitted the following letters to the University:

Warwick UCU Letter to Senate Members

Warwick UCU Letter to HoDs

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