Departmental Contacts

Department Name
Centre for Applied Linguistics  Sue Wharton
Centre for Education Studies Justine Mercer
Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies Naomi Waltham Smith
Centre for Lifelong Learning Alan Dolan

Mark Hinton

Centre for Teacher Education Will Haywood
Chemistry Andrew Marsh
Classics Emmanuela Bakola

Claire Rowan

Computer Science
CIDO Sara Lever (IT Services)

Steve Locke-Wheaton (Library Services

Economics Steffie Paredes Fuentes

Thijs Van Rens

Engineering Peter Brommer
English Nicholas Lawrence
Foundation Studies Virginia Sharpe
French & Hispanic Studies Philippe Le Goff
Film & TV Studies James MacDowell
History Benjamin Smith
History of Art Louise Bourdua
Global Sustainable Development & Liberal Arts Peter Dwyer
IER Alan Brown
School of Law Tara Mulqueen

Tor Krever

Life Sciences Kevin Purdy
Mathematics Institute David Mond

Saul Schleimer

PAIS/CSGR Gabrielle Lynch
Philosophy Diarmuid Costello
Physics Richard Beanland

Matthew Green

Professional Services Group Ninna Makrinov
Psychology Henrik Singmann
SBIDER Ron Crump
Sociology Rachel O’Neill

Sivamohan Valluvan

Statistics Jere Koskela
Systems Biology Paul Brown
Theatre and Performance Studies Tim White/Nicholas Stefan Drofiak
WBS (Social Studies Building) Manuela Galetto/Harminder Singh
WMG Hiren Kotadia/Barry Winters
Warwick Medical School Claire Daffern

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