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Personal Cases and General Enquiries

Please contact the UCU Warwick Administrator via email to in the first instance for all general enquiries; and the Casework-Coordinator to be put in touch with one of the UCU Caseworkers.

UCU Member Representatives

Please note that in order to access the pages below you will need to register with this site.  Your personal data will be managed securely in line with GDPR requirements and you can request that this be deleted at any time.  We will review user registrations and remove non-Warwick UCU members – please ensure that you use the same preferred email address that you use for UCU.


If you would like to contact the committee, please check the list of Committee members for their specific roles and duties in order to identify the most appropriate person.  If you are not sure, please contact the Administrator.

Departmental Contacts

Many departments have specific people who have been empowered by their colleagues as the local contact for information and communication.  They are an excellent first point of contact who know about the specific issues in your department and can put you in touch with someone who can help.

Health, Safety and Well-being

If you have spotted a risk to members and other staff, let one of our Health & Safety reps know so that they can advise and liaise with the University.

Membership Information

It is essential that your personal data held by UCU is kept up-to-date.  The membership page contains links and information relating to this.

Get involved as an Activist

Join us, get involved, grow the Union!


If members wish to claim expenses incurred for Warwick UCU business, a claims form (UCU Warwick expenses form 2019 (word), UCU Warwick expenses form 2019 (pdf) should be completed and returned to the treasurer or administrator.

2 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Hi,

    I’d like information on how to join UCU
    I work at Warwick University in admin for the site contracting agency

    1. Hi Nick, you can join UCU here: There are some admin roles on campus where UNISON is the appropriate union, so you might want to check whether this is the case. Feel free to drop us an email with more details if you’re not sure.

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