Health, Safety & Well-being

Who are my Health, Safety & Well-being Union representatives?

Warwick Medical School – Claire Daffern*

Faculty of Science – Andrew Marsh, Mike Joy*

Faculty of Social Sciences – contact to volunteer or speak to Claire Daffern.

Faculty of Arts & Humanities – contact to volunteer or speak to Claire Daffern.

*Claire and Mike represent UCU members on the University Health, Safety & Well-being Committee.

What do UCU health & safety representatives do?

UCU health and safety representatives help to improve the quality of our members working lives.

investigate actual and potential hazards; workplace incidents and the causes of injury; cases of work-related ill-health; dangerous occurrences and near misses, and complaints by employees

inspect the workplace regularly every quarter and other inspections when changes are introduced; inspect the circumstances and causes of injury, dangerous occurrences or cases of disease, and inspect and take copies of documents relating to the health and safety of employees

represent general health, safety & welfare matters to the employer; take-up individual complaints; attend meetings of the safety committee, and meet with inspectors of the Health & Safety Executive when they visit the workplace

receive information about health, safety and welfare from the employer, and from enforcing inspectors from the Health & Safety Executive during and following visits. Inspectors will also provide advice and assistance if asked

consult with the employer on a wide range of issues related to health, safety and welfare in the workplace –a formal duty to consult is imposed on employers.

Being a health & safety representative is one of the most powerful and useful trade union jobs you can do. You don’t have to be an expert, just enthusiastic for improving the working environment.

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