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It is vital that our membership database is accurate and we request that all members regularly check their membership details.  

An important reason for accuracy is to minimise the chances of any challenges by employers in the event of an industrial action ballot.   If you have had a change in circumstance but have not yet notified the UCU, please take the time to update your membership details as soon as possible, particularly regarding any change in institution, department or home address.  

It is also important to be paying the correct subscription rate as services and benefits – including legal aid and advice – can only be provided to those paying the correct subscription. You should make any changes to your membership by using this link: 

You will need to register for first use using your membership number and the email address we hold on your membership record.  If you forget your password, please use the forgotten password link.   Requests for lost membership numbers can be made to your membership office / adminsitrator, or to the membership team at  or 0333 207 0719.

Ballot Exclusion

Please also read the information regarding ballot exclusion below and make sure you note in your membership record if you need to be excluded (or let us know and we wil do this for you).  If you have recently returned from long-term leave, you also need to check that you are not ballot excluded.

  The following members are not balloted:

  •  Members on long-term sickness, maternity, parental or study leave ie who would not be expected to take industrial action on the day envisaged (please err on the side of caution).  These members should be ballot excluded individually and the ballot exclusion removed when appropriate.
  •  Members employed by a different employer to the ‘main’ institutional one.  UCU branches generally cover one employer, but individuals may have contracts with outside organisations.  These members should be ballot excluded individually.

Thank you

This is an important exercise and we urge you to regularly check as this helps us to manage UCU processes more efficiently.  

Thank you for your time and assistance.


All UCU members can access the training courses provided through UCU.  For more details, please see the UCU website.