International staff

There are a host of new challenges facing international staff at the University. Over the past year, an increasing numbers of our members have come to us with concerns and questions about rising visa and NHS fees, increased pressure from the Home Office with the upcoming audit, and growing uncertainty in the wake of Brexit.

Warwick UCU will work towards:

· Gaining financial support from the University to offset rising NHS surcharge fees and visa renewal fees for international staff and their families.
· Gaining access to legal support for international staff and their families.
· Ensuring that casualised international staff also receive access to financial and legal support.
· Making sure that international staff aren’t over-monitored.
· Working on the specific challenges international casualised staff face
· Working in solidarity with international students and other non-UCU international staff on campus.
· And any other issues that are important to you.

If you want to work with the Union to try and get a better deal for international staff, please get involved.  Contact to join the International Staff Working Group.