Pensions, Pay and Equality Disputes 2022-23

Your one stop-shop for information on the 2022-23 Pensions, Pay, and Equality Disputes.

I would strike but…. A primer about all the reasons you might not want to strike action, but why you still should!

Live Q&A for Staff Taking Industrial Action: Here is an FAQ for staff taking industrial action, including guidance on reporting, strike pay, and what a strike is. This is a “Live” Q&A meaning that members can write in their questions at the bottom of the page and we will be actively updating the page.

2022-23 Dispute Primer: Here is a Q&A Primer about the strike for talking to staff and students

Student Support and Information: Download, read, and distribute copies of our FAQ for students

How Non-Members Can Support the Strike: Here is information for non-members about why they should join the strike if they can and how they can help!

Older Materials