Day 3 Strike for Pensions

It’s minus 2 degrees, but the pickets carry on.

Numbers are strong with pickets at Westwood, Gatehouse, Gibbet Hill, between Social Studies and WBS, as well as the main picket at the Bus Exchange. There is a real sense of determination from our members.

Branch president, Justine Mercer said “Another fantastic turnout. It was great to see Jim Cunningham at the picket line first thing, and special mention must go to all casualised colleagues who came along today in large numbers. UUKs offer of talks tomorrow could be the start of meaningful negotiations but only if they are willing to withdraw their preconditions”

Jim Cunningham visiting the picket this morning.

There is a strong turnout from casualised staff today as we have declared it the anticasualisation picket day! Our anticasualisation officer reminded everyone that 70% of teaching staff at Warwick are on casualised contacts.

Solidarity with the National Education Union who gave an inspiring speech.

Where’s my picket gone?

Left behind as the rest of the picket heads off in the direction of a promised picket line hot chocolate!

The promised beverage!

Keeping warm with some invigorating exercises! Work those glutes!

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