Palestinian Rights, the Prevent Duty and the Misuse of ‘Antisemitism’

You are warmly invited (and encouraged!) to attend this event, supported by Warwick UCU, on 6 February at 6pm:

Palestinian Rights, the Prevent Duty and the Misuse of ‘Antisemitism’ – the Defence of Academic Freedom and of Freedom of Speech

This event aims to discuss current threats to academic freedom and freedom of speech in the UK with regards to the subject of Palestinian rights and Israel-Palestine more generally.

Over the past couple of years, several UK universities have faced pressure from external governmental and non-governmental actors to ban, censor or impose specific conditions on academic events discussing Israel-Palestine on the grounds that they could be antisemitic.

Meanwhile, the Prevent Duty has led universities to increase scrutiny of external speaker events—disproportionately affecting events discussing Israel-Palestine.

The panel will draw attention to the political context in which these measures are being pursued and their insidious effects on academic freedom and freedom of speech as well as contributing to the stigmatization of Palestinian rights and increasing Islamophobia. The event will also discuss universities’ responsibilities in this regard and how academics, students and trade unions can defend academic freedom and challenge racism, including Islamophobia and antisemitism, on campuses.

The event is open only to Warwick staff and students. Those wishing to attend must register here:

You can also see information at:

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