Vote Yes

Vote yes in the HE pay ballot

Across the entire HE sector, people like you are being underpaid, made to work under unfair conditions and discriminated against, while vice-chancellors, principals and other top staff are earning almost SEVEN times as much as the average worker.

  • UNFAIR LOWER PAY: YOUR pay has decreased by 14.5% in just six years compared to the rate of inflation – while the cost of living keeps rising
  • SHAMEFUL GENDER INEQUALITY: female academics are paid £6,103 per year LESS than male counterparts
  • SCANDALOUS CASUALISED WORK: more than 21,000 teaching staff are on zero-hours contracts
  • NO JOB SECURITY: over TWO THIRDS of research staff are stuck on fixed-term contracts.

What can I do about it?

First of all – make sure you VOTE before 4 May.

Please ensure that you complete and return your ballot paper as soon as possible.

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