Senate backs UCU – Statute 24 proposals refused approval

As outlined in Tuesday’s EGM‎, the University of Warwick Senate was meeting yesterday and amongst the issues being considered was Statute 24. A number of members have emailed us asking what was the outcome.

Please note this is not an official update but we have been informed that, based on the outcome of Assembly, Senate has decided not to approve the proposals as they stand, and not to recommend their adoption by Council in July. Instead, we are told that a sub-committee of Senate will be formed to look at the proposals and only after this has reported will Council consider sending any revised statute to the Privy Council. Obviously this is subject to official confirmation.

If our understanding is correct, then UCU believes this decision is a step in the right direction. UCU will be encouraging management to engage meaningfully over the Statute, Ordinances and Policies in the near future.

A huge thank you to everyone who has been involved in this, to all the people who have signed the petition, to members and non-members who attended and voted in the Assembly, departments who put forward motions (and the staff who took time out of their schedules to write these and provide UCU with a detailed analysis of the reforms).  The fight is not over but, at the least, we have created more time for the changes to be scrutinised more fully and, hopefully, improved by the University for the benefit of the whole academic and student body.

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