Day 10 Strike for Pensions

‘There will be some light rain this morning.’

Despite this, what turned out to be a little understated, weather message, we convened again for our 10th day of pension change protests this morning.

With UUK and UCU emerging their 6th day of ACAS mediated negotiations, it is important that we keep up the pressure nationally.

But my word, it was very very wet!

We kept the tea flowing from our minimalist gazebo to keep spirits up – vitally important on a cold soggy morning, especially as someone forgot to charge the loudspeaker seriously hampering our dancing and chanting!

Despite the horrible weather, there was a pretty good turnout, although we understand completely that some people were picketing from the comfort of their living rooms.

But here are the hardy perennials being well watered:

And thankfully, we managed to charge the sound system and got off a few chants.

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