Day 14 Strike for Pensions

And we’ve made it – undiminished in strength and more unified than at the start, we are now at Day 14 of the strikes.

To celebrate this, we held an awards ceremony with some fabulous (or at least appropriate) prizes!

Here is our fabulous compere, Leon, announcing the winners.

Arianna was presented with her ‘halls throat sweets’ in honour of her sterling work on the microphone leading chants for the last few weeks!

And of course, the winner of ‘Best picket dog’, the fabulous Quince.

Some fantastic renditions of some old favourites:

‘See you on the picket line’ (to the tune of ‘Hit me baby (one more time)’ by Britney Spears

‘We need a pension’ (to the tune of ‘I need a hero’ by Bonnie Tyler)

A stirring speech from a retired UCU member warning of the risks and exhorting members to keep up the fight for everyones future.

And Claire, as picket supervisor, summed up what we were all thinking.

Thank you to all our members who stuck it out throughout the 14 days, in wind, rain and snow.

#solidarity #NoCapitulation #USSStrikes

Day 13 Strike for Pensions

We started small and determined on a cold morning, spread out across Gibbett Hill, Westwood, and University House and grew large and mighty with a concluding rally at the bus interchange in the much needed sun!

University House


Bus Interchange

The turning point was most certainly the amazing cheese and cheese and ham pancakes that a member brought at 9am, which revitalised us all!
We’ve long been saying this strike isn’t just about what happens on the picket line, but all of the other sites of organising that have occurred: from the free University which has carried out 4 weeks of stellar events, to the departments who have been organising play lists, events, and themed days together, to the unprecedented mass all-members meetings we’ve had throughout.
Today was an especially good example of that. Following the demo, one members led a walking tour called “Mapping Corporate Walk: A Walking Tour.”
Meanwhile , UCU regional led a well-attended caseworker training session we had a departmental contact meeting, and we had an amazing departmental contact meeting.
Not bad for day 13.

Day 12 Strike for Pensions

Another cold morning, but with another strong turnout at the picket lines. Lots of questions today following the extraordinary events of yesterday and luckily we had just the people to answer them!

However, first we were joined by the Chair of the South Warwickshire Keep our NHS Public who spoke extensively on the challenges they face on protecting our local NHS services and the risks that are currently in play.  Please support them as much as you can, these service are essential.

And then the big hitters arrived!

Myka, Branch Secretary, and Justine Mercer, Branch President and Midlands HEC representative, spoke about the HEC meeting yesterday – an event that was described as ‘electified’ by Myka who talked about how the voting across the country had supported the branch reps, and HEC members to  to reject the current offer.

And what was more amazing, is that we were joined by members new to the picket who had been to the meetings, felt the #solidarity and were now more engaged than ever before.  So the message we want to send is that we are still here, we are still engaged and enraged, and we will not stop until proper deal is ‘on the table’.

Day 11 Strike for Pensions

Plans never survive contact with the project manager, or however the saying goes. Full disclaimer, the writer has a Prince 2 qualification.

Yesterday afternoon we were stunned to receive a message that indicated whilst UCU and UUK had reached an agreement, it was one that had profoundly negative implications for members and for future industrial action.

Late night discussions, both in branch, and nationally, showed a deep disquiet, and disbelief, in what was on offer. Essentially, UCU and UUK were proposing a pension deal similar to, but arguably worse, than the ‘offer’ rejected 3 years ago. In addition, the UCU leadership caused consternation for teaching staff members by promising they would reschedule lectures, that they would then be doing for free having already had pay deducted.

Instead of meeting at 7:30, picketing was postponed, and an emergency all Member meeting was called for 10:00 with less than 12 hours notice.

Nevertheless, over 120 members attended and gave excellent feedback, speaking forcefully and eloquently to the proposed deal.

A presentation featuring some (by necessity, with only 18 hours between the offer being presented and the HEC vote taking place, hastily overnight researched and created) slides to illustrate the offer was presented by a member of the UCU committe (and uploaded here as per requests from members). Slide 3 of the presentation contains a useful comparison of the existing and proposed deal.

It was the opinion of many speakers that each and every line indicated a drop in pension value and were all similarly unacceptable red lines.

At the end a vote was taken, and 115 voted to reject the offer, with only 5 abstentions and this was communicated to our union rep and HEC rep in London.

Scenes in London were astonishing, with 800 UCU members crammed into the street outside UCUs offices calling for the deal to be rejected.

Meanwhile, at Warwick, we continued our picket in solidarity and wondering what the outcome of the HEC meeting would be.

Reports were coming in of other branches voting to reject the offer, many unanimously. Their representatives voted accordingly.

The HEC then voted and the deal on the table was rejected. 

Feedback from people present at the meeting clearly indicates how the vote was moved by the action of the members, and the very clear rejection that was sent from more than 40 emergency member meetings across the country.

Sally Hunt emailed all members to say that:

“The overwhelming view of branches was that while the proposal retained defined benefit it did so at too low a level (only the first £42,000 of salary) and that the proposed reduction in accrual rate was also unacceptable. Branches were also clear that the refusal of the employers to shift their position on taking more risk was disappointing.

Today’s decision means that:

  • the union will not now attend the USS JNC tomorrow to endorse the ACAS proposal,
  • the strike action called for this week will continue and the union will now make detailed preparations for fourteen days of strikes in the assessment and exam season,
  • members who are external examiners at USS institutions will be asked to consider their position with a view to putting pressure upon the assessment season,
  • the action short of a strike (ASOS) including the refusal to reschedule lectures or classes will remain in place.”


Day 10 Strike for Pensions

‘There will be some light rain this morning.’

Despite this, what turned out to be a little understated, weather message, we convened again for our 10th day of pension change protests this morning.

With UUK and UCU emerging their 6th day of ACAS mediated negotiations, it is important that we keep up the pressure nationally.

But my word, it was very very wet!

We kept the tea flowing from our minimalist gazebo to keep spirits up – vitally important on a cold soggy morning, especially as someone forgot to charge the loudspeaker seriously hampering our dancing and chanting!

Despite the horrible weather, there was a pretty good turnout, although we understand completely that some people were picketing from the comfort of their living rooms.

But here are the hardy perennials being well watered:

And thankfully, we managed to charge the sound system and got off a few chants.

Day 9 Strike for Pensions

A rainy start to the morning saw us setting up under a marquee, well supplied with hot drinks and pastries, ready to celebrate all the amazing women in Universities and worldwide for the Women’s Strike and International Women’s Day.

The women’s picket choir was in fine voice, singing those classics such as ‘girls just wanna have pensions’.

There were displays reminding people of the emotional and reproductive workloads that women routinely undertake which are completely overlooked in terms of salary, promotion and workload models.

We stood in solidarity with the women of Yarlswood who are on hunger strike.

Today was about protest, about women, about rights. About fairness. And about pensions of course. The proposed pension changes will disproportionately impact women (as has the move to career average already).

#womenwhoinspire #iwd2018

Day 8 Strike for Pensions

Another early start with pickets at University House and Westwood from 7am.

It was a quieter day today as quite a few people are taking an opportunity to recharge their picketing batteries before another big day tomorrow. As always the students turned out in support and despite the lower turnout overall we still handed out over 1000 leaflets to staff and students about the pensions dispute.

In other news, over 250 new members have joined UCU at Warwick in the last 3 months comprised of permanent, fixed term and sessional teaching staff from across all faculties and many professional services departments. We are really pleased to see so many new people – the more members, the more strength we have to improve and defend our working, and the students learning, conditions. We expect this number to grow further in the coming weeks as UCU clears the backlog caused by thousands of people joining to protect their future.

Day 7 Strike for Pensions

A reinvigorated group gathered in the picket line this morning. After seeing UUK have a twitter meltdown last night where they suddenly and unexpectedly agreed to return to talks today, we can see the strikes having an effect on how the negotiations are proceeding.

The picket line was buzzing with music and dancing with a salsa class.

The students formed a picket line in order to encourage students not to cross and kept up everyones spirits with chants of ‘No ifs, no buts, no pension cuts’ and ‘they say marketise, we say organise’!

There was a strong turnout from PAIS staff and students this morning.

We were joined by Vicky from Keep our NHS public Coventry, who expressed solidarity and talked about their own campaign to save local NHS services. Alistair Smith, Warwick UCU member, spoke to the importance of the campaign.

The picket then went for a walk, visiting WBS and circling around the ring road.

This was followed by a well-attended all member meeting in The Graduate.

Please also see our fundraising auction

Day 6 Strike for Pensions

We dispersed across campus this morning at 7am so that we could speak to more staff and let them know what is happening and why we are striking.

Pickets were set up at Gibbet Hill, Westwood, both University House entrances and at Lynchgate car park.

Gibbet Hill


University House

University Gatehouse

At 9am, we converged at the Bus Exchange where we continued the picket in solidarity with our students.

Very pleased to welcome Shaun Leahy from the UNITE regional office to the picket line.

Big shout out to everyone who came early, to the SU for their continued fantastic support and to the Warwick Anti-casualisation group.

“1234 pension cuts out the door!”

New Schedule for the Free University of Warwick

We are please to announce Week Three of the Free University of Warwick. Please come join us!

The Graduate
13:00-15.00: Taking up space: workshop on art and activism – Julie Somany

Copper Rooms 2
13:00-14:00: Queer Politics and Italo Disco: Music and collective + subjective political emancipation – Malcolm Lowe

14:00-15:00: Building a Movement Around Women’s Rage -Mairead Enright

16:00-18:00: Beyond Divestment: Where Next for the Climate Justice Movement – Chris Saltmarsh and Harpreet Paul

The Graduate
14:00-15:00: “The University and the Undercommons” Workshop. (Chp. 2 of Fred Moten and Stefano Harney’s The Undercommons: Fugitive Planning and Black Study) – Andrew Stones.

14:00-15:00: Decolonising the Curriculum – Sue Lemos
and Ademola Anjorin

16:00-17:00: “Is British and French Colonialism Still with Us?” (Robert Gildea, Warwick Oxford Solidarity Exchange)

THURSDAY: International Working Women’s Day
13:00-14:00: Women’s History: A Feminist Rant – Anna Hajkova

14:00-15:00: Women of Colour Resist – Akwugo Emejulu & Kathryn Medien

15:00-16:00: Re-thinking housework and feminised labour – Helena Navarrete Plana

16:00-17:00: Black British Women’s Movement – Sue Lemos

17:00-19:00: Warwick Marxists- Women’s Liberation and Socialism

19:00-20:30: Hidden Histories: British National Eugenics – The Golden Age – Lara Choksey, Lara Choksey, Nathaniel C—— and Clive Harris

20:30-23:00: Feminist Fundraiser Party!


Or propose your own event:

****Call out for proposals for the Free University of Warwick****

Welcome to the Free University of Warwick. We are currently recruiting.

Starting on February 22nd, the Free University of Warwick will be offering workshops, courses, classes, and film screenings

We are looking for people who want to help us create a university space outside of the neoliberal boundaries of Warwick Ltd. Our university is free of fees. You will not be examined or assessed. We have no Vice Chancellors, no middle managers. Instead, we are democratically run by staff, students, and community members who believe a better university is possible.

Whether you are a smoking salsa dancer, a bread baker, a quadratic formula master, a lover of film, a DJ, or an expert in property law, the EP Thompson seminar room is open to you.

While we’re happy for you to give a talk, we’re especially interested in alternative methods of teaching that break the boundaries of our established curriculums, departmental divisions, and classroom hierarchies. We want students to teach and teachers to learn.

The Free University of Warwick will be open from 3pm on everyday of the strike for workshops, teach-ins, film screenings, and other forms of collaborative learning. You don’t need a degree to come and teach, just enthusiasm and a desire to share. If you are interested in participating, please send an email letting us know what you want to do and how much time you need:

In Warwick’s own words, “We are a place of possibility. We are always looking for new ways to make things happen.”