Day 7 Strike for Pensions

A reinvigorated group gathered in the picket line this morning. After seeing UUK have a twitter meltdown last night where they suddenly and unexpectedly agreed to return to talks today, we can see the strikes having an effect on how the negotiations are proceeding.

The picket line was buzzing with music and dancing with a salsa class.

The students formed a picket line in order to encourage students not to cross and kept up everyones spirits with chants of ‘No ifs, no buts, no pension cuts’ and ‘they say marketise, we say organise’!

There was a strong turnout from PAIS staff and students this morning.

We were joined by Vicky from Keep our NHS public Coventry, who expressed solidarity and talked about their own campaign to save local NHS services. Alistair Smith, Warwick UCU member, spoke to the importance of the campaign.

The picket then went for a walk, visiting WBS and circling around the ring road.

This was followed by a well-attended all member meeting in The Graduate.

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