How To and Not To Report Strike Action To Your Employer

We’ve been receiving reports that some line managers are emailing members on behalf of HR asking that they complete a self-declaration form We want to make clear that a) you do not need to, nor should you, declare your intention to strike in advance and b) you should not use the University of Warwick self-declaration form.

Legally speaking, those staff who are employees (i.e. those with a contract of employment) do not need to inform of their intention to strike. Subsequent to industrial action, if you are asked if you took action by your line manager, head of department, or someone with that delegated authority, then you should answer honestly.

The local branch advice is that you self-declare but not by using the University form.

Instead, email once you have returned to work. For instance, if you were striking last week and this week, you would email Academic Continuity on Thursday 1 March, the first official day back to work from this round of striking). This email should indicate the days you were on strike, ask that your lost wages be donated to the student hardship fund, and state that you would like to continue with your USS contributions for those days. Please blind copy in Do not declare ASOS at this stage. See questions 12 and 13 of National UCU FAQs for further advice,

If you are an STP tutor, however, please declare in advance as your contract requires you to do so (as explained in the Warwick UCU FAQs for casualised staff).

The advice from the branch for STP tutors is: 1) declare that you are striking in advance, but as late as possible (e.g. only on the morning of the day that you are due to teach, or the evening before) by emailing, putting in blind copy; 2) do not fill in the HR self-reporting form even if you are asked to by the STP team; 3) do not declare ASOS as it does not apply to hourly paid staff.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to let us know!

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