Save Warwick’s Employment Statute


Senate failed to stop the planned repeal of Warwick’s employment statute (Statute 24), so now we need to protest more loudly. You may have seen the Save Our Statute flyers and posters in UCU colours. More information can be found on the dedicated web pages

Poster / Leaflet (front)
Poster / Leaflet (front)
SOS Poster / Leaflet (front)
Poster / Leaflet (front)
Poster / Leaflet (back)
Poster / Leaflet (back)
The campaign needs everyone’s support. We can’t let down the next generation of Warwick teachers and researchers. We can’t let the legal safeguards that have protected Warwick academics for nearly 30 years get abolished on our watch.
What can I do?

  • Talk to everyone in your department so they realise what’s at stake; use the flyers we delivered to staffrooms and pigeon-holes, as well as the UCU Briefing on Statute 24; You can print more or we can send some to you (click on the images above for PDFs you can download and print).
  • Get eligible staff to join UCU so they can vote in the forthcoming ballot;
  • Direct people to the dedicated Warwick UCU Save Our Statute website. It has lots of information and an FAQ section rebutting everything in the official version.
  • Table a motion at your next departmental meeting asking your Head of Department to write to the VC and Provost outlining staff concerns. Several departments have already done this and the passed motions are now being sent to University management.
  • Warwick UCU represents over 800 members of staff, so we shouldn’t have to act individually. But management aren’t listening, so feel free to provide feedback directly to
  • Sign the forthcoming petition.

See the UCU site where this issue is being picked up nationally:

Warwick UCU committee.

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