Day 3: Listen to that wind…!


The weather wasn’t our friend last week and it wasn’t today! We really put the tent and our brand-new PA system through their paces when a particularly anti-union gust caused a little chaos. Still, we had a solid and energetic crowd of picketers and supporters (as always, it’s so wonderful to see students out on the line asking questions and showing solidarity).  Special thanks to Hispanic and French Studies for holding down the fort, and to Carrie Benjamin for emcee’ing the Social Strike Game.

Day 3 Pickets

Braving the wind and rain, a hardy group returns from the roundabout for some feel-good chanting:

Day 3 Pickets action

And Warwick was proudly represented at the UCEA negotiation picket too! Hope you folks were drier than we were:

Warwick UCU in London

See you all on the line tomorrow. We’re picketing car parks from 8-10 and reuniting at the Interchange from 10-11. Meet up at the Interchange at 8 before we head out to various locations. Dress warmly and bring all your positive energy to help get colleagues to join the strike.

Solidarity forever!